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Hello and welcome! 

We are Asteriski ry, the student organization for computer science students at University of Turku. Founded in 1972, we have over 300 members in our organization, making it vast and diverse. This is seen in our free-time activity which we have all kinds of. From epic parties to playing sports together with other student organizations to having sauna-nights together, we pretty much have everything for everyone (those are just a scratch what we do on a regular basis). We can be easily reached via email asteriski[ät] or you can just come visit us at our office. Our office is located at Agora on the -1 floor, room K135A/B. We share our office with Digit ry, which is the student organization for Information Technology.

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For the year 2018 our board member responsible for international affairs is Sami Spets. He can be reached via email savasp[ät] (or go chat with him on Facebook if that’s easier).


(We are updating this site, stay tuned for more)