Solita Dev Academy ja Data Academy Spring 2022 haku on auki!

  • 22.12.2021
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Jouluinen tervehdys Asteriski! Kiinnostaisiko keväällä hypätä softakehittäjäksi merkityksellisiin projekteihin? Tai syventyä kaivamaan datasta paras mahdollinen hyöty irti? Valinta on vapaa, sillä haku Solitan Dev- ja Data-akatemioihin on nyt auki! Nappaa glögimuki käteen ja naputtele hakemus osoitteessa


Dev Academy

Are you a student, recent graduate or have you already gathered some experience as a
software developer? Apply to Solita Dev Academy and become a part of our diversely
talented community of developers!

Dev Academy is an intensive onboarding to Solita’s software development practises and a
great boost to your developer career. During your first month at Solita you will take part in
workshops and onboarding sessions with your fellow solitans. You will get to hone your
already existing developer skills and grasp new ones with the help of your peers and
mentors as well as our other Solitans. You will get to know your future project team and hear
tips and tricks from ex-academicians and our senior developers.

The Academy is not a training program nor a coding bootcamp and as such we do not teach
programming basics and we assume you have a good base of knowledge about some
programming languages and software development practises. What we do teach is the
Solitan way of software development: what does consultancy work mean for us and how do
we work on projects. We want you to have the best environment and tools to fulfil your

Interested? Apply now! Dev Academy pre-assignment and job post can be found here. The
application will be open till 16th of January.

More information can be found from our website or you can contact our Dev recruiter and
Head of Academy Pauliina Hovila

Data Academy

You asked and we delivered! 2022 spring Solita Data Academy will be held in English!

Are you a student at the end of your studies interested in data and eager to grow into an
awesome data professional? Join Solita Data Academy!

With us you will learn how to build data platforms, implement data pipelines and process and
visualize data. We are looking for future data experts to work either hands-on on data
platforms, to help customers manage master data or to make data visible to the customer for
example through data visualization.

The Data Academy is an intensive orientation path for data professionals starting their
careers at Solita. The orientation takes approximately 5 weeks and includes lectures,
workshops and learning by doing, all with the help and support of the Academy group and
our other Solitans. You will get to know your future project team and develop your skills and
competence at the same time! The Academy is not an internship nor a bootcamp:
participants will be permanent employees of Solita right from the start!

Interested? Apply now! Last day to apply is 10th of January.

More information can be found from our website or you can contact our Academy recruiter
Pauliina Hovila